These sleep statistics may shock you

Sleep Awareness Week: Sleep statistics

This October, Forty Winks is celebrating Sleep Health Month to raise awareness and promote the importance of a good night’s sleep for overall health and well being.


Healthy sleep is vital for physical health and mental well being, so the team at Forty Winks won’t rest (pun intended) until every Australian gets their perfect sleep during Sleep Health Month. To celebrate, Forty Winks has been tackling a whole heap of sleep-related myths and statistics that might shock you…


Can you catch up on sleep?

Not really. Sleeping late on the weekend isn’t as helpful as you might think – it’s best to stick to a regular resting pattern every night


How much sleep do you need?

Did you know…adults need 7-9 hours sleep, teens need up to 9.5 hours, children 5-12 years need up to 11 hours and toddlers require 12-15 hours! Are you getting enough?


What’s the deal with power naps?

Here’s the truth about a powernap – it can help give you a boost but you need to keep it to 15 minutes and avoid dozing after 3pm!


Fun Facts:

– Parents with new bubs miss out on six months worth of rest in the first two years of their childs life. That’s a quarter of your sleep!

– Humans spend a third of their life sleeping!

– The average person wakes up six times per night

– 12% of people dream in black and white

– Did you know…everyone dreams 4 to 7 times every night? If you can’t remember them, you’re not alone. Most people forget 90% of their dreams!


Keep an eye out this October for great offers and deals in-store to help you get a healthy night’s sleep. For more information, visit

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