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Sizzling Summer Living at Harvey Norman

With summer just around the corner we’re looking forward to taking advantage of the beautiful Australian climate and relishing in outdoor living. We checked in with Harvey Norman, the experts in sophisticated alfresco styles for their buying guide to outdoor furniture.


Article adapted from Harvey Norman Buying Guide: Outdoor Furniture

The “Outdoor Room”

The architectural trend of airy, open-plan design and living has lead to an emergence of interior spaces connecting with outdoor areas. As exterior zones, such as decks now act as extra living rooms, these outdoor areas are being furnished to a higher level of comfort and quality.

Shape a stylish entertainment area with a quality outdoor lounge or dining set available in a wide collection of styles, designs and sizes to suit. As we entertain family and friends at home more regularly, larger outdoor dining settings (expansive 9- and 11-piece) are growing in popularity. Similarly, the open-plan indoor space is spilling outside, flowing into an outdoor living room incorporating the backyard and garden.

Caring for your outdoor furniture

Constant and direct exposure to the sun’s rays can cause patio furniture to fade. If an outdoor setting was fully exposed to the elements, all year round, it would dull quickly. Some solutions and top tips to extend the life of your beloved outdoor furniture include:

  • Outdoor furniture covers sold by Harvey Norman can extend the lifespan by protecting against rain, sun damage, bird droppings, dust and pollution.
  • Consider adding an outdoor umbrella to protect outdoor furniture and create a more comfortable lounge and dining environment. They provide protection from the sun and soften harsh light, while still allowing air to flow in and out, so you stay cool in the shade. Outdoor umbrellas are available with centre poles or cantilever style.

Tip! Make sure you firmly secure outdoor umbrellas, especially if it’s windy.

Come and visit us at Harvey Norman Ballina and let us help you plan your outdoor living environment

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