Picking the Perfect Pillow at Pillow Talk Ballina

Picking the Perfect Pillow at Pillow Talk


Choosing a pillow is a very personal decision. It is extremely important that you find the correct balance of comfort and support to suit you. Since you spend over 1/3 of your day sleeping, having the wrong pillow can lead to a variety of back and neck problems and will intrude on your right to a restful sleep. That is why Pillow Talk stocks over 110 different types of pillows.


So how do you pick the perfect pillow? There are a few things you should consider pre-purchase.


Sleeping Position


If you sleep on your stomach, a soft density or low profile pillow will be the most suitable.


A Medium density and profile pillow will suit most back sleepers and a firm and high pillow gives complete support for those that sleep on their side.


We also offer a contoured pillow for those who require more neck support as it molds into the contour of your neck.


Pillow Fillings


As, for quilts, when buying a pillow it is important to first understand the fibres used in the various products. There are basically eight categories of fill used in pillows; Latex, Feather & Down, Wool, Synthetic, Memory Foam, Magnetic, Cotton and Silk.


Latex pillows are natural and retain their shape for the life of the pillow. The natural properties of Latex make it anti-microbial, low allergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria.


Synthetic pillows are easy to care for as they can be washed in large capacity washing machines. They are ideal for anyone sensitive to or allergic to natural fillings and are light weight.


Wool rich pillows are blended with synthetic fibres to offer firm support. Polyester is often added to give “loft” and strength to the Wool fibres. A Wool pillow keeps the face cool, dry and comfortable.


Magnetic Pillows give a natural alternative treatment to alleviate pain and maintain a healthy body. Some research undertaken to date indicates that the balancing and recharging properties of magnets may provide relief from pain, aid the natural healing process and bring a heightened sense of wellbeing.


Cotton is a natural fibre that breaths well and is also very good at absorbing moisture. A Cotton pillow will help during warmer nights as your head and neck produce a substantial amount of body heat- contributing to moisture loss during the night. By having a pillow which can absorb (or wick) moisture away from your body you will have a more comfortable night’s sleep.


For more information about choosing the perfect pillow, consult the friendly staff at pillow talk. Ask in store for more details about alternative products. For more information, visit the Pillow Talk buying guide.

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