DIY Terrarium

DIY Terrarium Supplies - Ballina Pillow Talk

Terrariums are officially back in style as anyone who’s been to the markets lately will know. These little mini eco-systems looks fantastic, require little care and make for a really fun afternoon DIY Project.


The first thing to get is one of Pillow Talk‘s Aspire Chapelle Candy Jars. Then visit your local garden store for some succulents, soil, pebbles and activated charcoal and you are ready to go.

DIY Terrarium Supplies - Ballina Pillow Talk

Be sure to keep your closed terrarium out of direct sunlight. Becuase it has a lid it will soon become it’s own tiny eco-system. If there is too much condensation just lift the lid for a few hours.


For more detailed instructions visit Pillow Talk DIY page.

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