Autumn Lookbook at Pillow Talk

Autumn has arrived at Pillow Talk! The stunning new collection has been beautifully presented in a new lookbook, which can be viewed online here. It is on sale now as seen in the autumn catalogue here.


Autumn. It’s easy to disregard it as an in-between season, but at Pillow Talk, we see the potential for symbiosis. Spring florals and winter furs intertwine, creating an enchanting tapestry of transeasonal trends. The new collection is focused around three main trends, Dark Opulence, Inner Sanctuary and Natural Nomad and have been shot beautifully by in-house stylists and photographers.


Dark Opulence

As moody as it is luxurious, Dark Opulence is for deep thinkers. Almost other-worldly in its’ decadence, this trend will transport you to another dimension while you dream. Allow yourself to slip into a state of inner bliss as the optical and textural effects combine to create a complete sensory experience. Dark tones and lush finishes add interest to an ordinarily monochromatic palette, and pops of greenery create the ultimate intersection between earth and space.


Inner Sanctuary

Look to soft, soothing tones – think pastels – for an undeniable sense of inner peace that extends from the outside in. Incorporate cool, coastal blue hues and flashes of florals into your bedding for an ultra-calm aura!  Allow your house to truly become a home and find your work life balance with some dedicated ‘me’ time amid your stunning new surroundings. Create the sleep setting of your dreams with a few simple additions and relish in your own little slice of heaven; your Inner Sanctuary.


Natural Nomad

If you’re a Natural Nomad who can’t beat the travel bug, why not introduce elements of your nomadic nature into the place you call home? Focus on tribal patterns, lush greenery and natural materials to create an escape-worthy interior. Feel as though you’re never trapped indoors, even on the gloomiest of days, with an abundance of environmental elements ranging from woven textures to ochre hues.


With such a spectrum of beautiful products, you’re sure to find an influx of inspiration, no matter your sense of style. Welcome to an autumn like no other – cosy, chic and convenient to boot. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in to Pillow Talk.



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